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Have you cleaned the dryer vent in your home this year?

Dryer vents are often overlooked by homeowners until issues occur but it should be part of your regular home maintenance schedule. Dryer vents should be cleaned yearly in order to keep your clothes dryer running efficiently and to prevent potentially costly repairs.

Drying your clothes could be costing you more than you think. If your dryer vent system is not working properly, or is clogged, you could be spending extra on utilities each time you use your clothes dryer. When airflow is restricted or even stopped in the dryer vent, the dryer is forced to work harder which creates moisture and extra heat. This can result in poor performance or even cause the dryer to shut off.

An overworked dryer raises the risk of a fire tremendously. Because vents often run some distance within a wall, you may not notice anything until it’s too late. When your dryer starts taking longer to dry clothing or is overheating, dryer vent cleaning is needed. 

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Signs that maybe you need to clean the dryer vent:

The dryer takes more than one cycle to dry your clothes.
Condensation or water is coming out of the wall behind the dryer from the moisture. .
Dryer is not getting hot. The heating element in the dryer may have gone bad due to poor ventilation.
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